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  • XS Scuba Stryker Knife
  • XS Scuba Stryker Knife
  • XS Scuba Stryker Knife
  • XS Scuba Stryker Knife
SKU: KN300

XS Scuba Stryker Knife

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Stryker Knives

The Stryker knives strike the perfect balance between corrosion resistance and the ability to hold an edge. The 420 stainless steel blade is harder, and therefore holds an edge better, than a less expensive 304 stainless model. This results in a sharper knife, one that you can rely on in an entanglement situation.

  • The 4.75” (121 mm) blade is available in either a clip point or blunt tip design

  • The two-inch serrated edge along back of blade is great for cutting rope

  • The line notch cutter is ideal for cutting monofilament line

  • Enlarged guards prevent the hand from slipping forward onto the blade

  • Full tang runs the length of the handle for strength and rigidity

  • The butt cap on the back provides a hammering function

  • An attachment hole runs through the butt cap

  • Includes two 22” (560 mm) long rubber leg straps with quick release buckles

  • 4.75” (121 mm) blade length

  • 9.75” (248 mm) overall length

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