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  • XS Scuba MultiMax Breathable Inflator
  • XS Scuba MultiMax Breathable Inflator
SKU: RG370

XS Scuba MultiMax Breathable Inflator

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The MultiMax adds convenience, efficiency and safety to your dive. By combining an alternate air source with an inflator, there is one less hose coming off the first stage. Gone are the days where the octopus is dragging in the sand or across fragile coral. The breathable MultiMax is located where your BC inflator resides. This makes it easy to find since you operate your inflator many times throughout each dive. In an out-of-air situation, your hand knows right where to go.


  • Large, color differentiated buttons are easy-to-use, even with thick gloves
  • The soft-touch purge cover is located on the bottom of the unit so it will not be affected by strong currents
  • Easy-connect, push-on hose connector is very glove friendly
  • Downstream demand valve with venturi assist for performance and reliability
  • Custom Miflex regulator hose allows maximum flow to the MultiMax
  • Includes inlet protective cap to keep out water and particulates
  • The MultiMax has successfully passed the certification tests required by EN250:2014 to an auxiliary emergency breathing device integrated with a buoyancy inflation system.
  • Available with either 3/4” or 1” hose connection

Download Owner’s Manual

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