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  • XS Scuba Miflex XT-Tech Hoses
  • XS Scuba Miflex XT-Tech Hoses
  • XS Scuba Miflex XT-Tech Hoses

XS Scuba Miflex XT-Tech Hoses

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$47.95Sale Price
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MiFlex XT-Tech Hoses

Developed specifically for technical and professional divers, the XT-Tech hoses have a smooth outer layer and reduced flexibility compared to the Xtreme hoses.

  • The smooth outer surface prevents abrasion around the neck

  • Less flexibility and negative buoyancy allow the longer hoses to stay in place

  • Outer polyester layer has Kevlar® yarn reinforcement to make the hose stronger and more durable

  • Lighter in weight than traditional rubber hoses

  • End fittings are made of sea water resistant electroless nickel plated brass

  • Like all Miflex hoses, they are 100% leak tested and produced on fully automated assembly lines

  • Inner liner is made from polyether based polyurethane, not PVC, as found in lesser-priced imitators

  • Approved for use with up to 40% oxygen

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