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  • XS Scuba Men's 3/2mm Shorty Suit
  • XS Scuba Men's 3/2mm Shorty Suit
  • XS Scuba Men's 3/2mm Shorty Suit

XS Scuba Men's 3/2mm Shorty Suit

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The 3/2 Shorty Suit, the ideal suit for tropical skin and scuba diving, represents a tremendous value. Take inventory of its many features and compare them to the price, and you will see what makes this suit so popular at tropical destinations around the globe.


  • 3 mm large panels for warmth, 2 mm key panels for stretch and comfort
  • “Skin” seals on the neck, arms and thighs to minimize water transfer
  • Water dam behind the zipper
  • “Skin-out” chest panel reduces chill in the wind
  • Heavy-duty #10 corrosion-free zipper reinforced at the bottom with nylon web and rubber anchor pad
  • Flatlock seam construction for comfort and durability
  • Adjustable neck for a better fit
  • Sizes:Small - 4XL

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