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  • XS Scuba Inspire Regulator
  • XS Scuba Inspire Regulator
SKU: RG500

XS Scuba Inspire Regulator


The Inspire is a performance regulator. It provides superior breathing. It breathes dry in all positions. It breathes quietly and smoothly. It proves that you do not have to pay top dollar to get performance and features. Factory cleaned and ready for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% oxygen. The Inspire is for use in water >50º F (10º C).

First Stage Features:

  • A balanced diaphragm design means that the first stage delivers a consistent pressure regardless of cylinder pressure or depth. The result is consistent, easy breathing.
  • The 4 MP ports are built into a rotating turret to offer optimal hose routing
  • 2 HP ports allow for a transmitter as well as an analog back up pressure gauge.
  • Available with either yoke connector or 300b DIN connector
  • Compatible with EAN40 out of the box

Second Stage Features:

  • The pneumatically-balanced 2ndstage provides the superior breathing performance
  • The Inhalation Control Knob adjusts the inhalation effort. The diver is able to adjust the regulator to a variety of environmental conditions
  • An integrated venturi lever allows the diver to turn off the venturi when the regulator is out of the mouth.
  • The silicone front cover allows for easy purging, even while wearing thick gloves
  • A dual-material mouthpiece provides durable bite tabs and soft silicone against the gums

Hose Features:

  • The 30 in. Miflex braided hose is lightweight and pliable
  • Eliminates torque on the mouthpiece

Download Regulator Owner’s Manual

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