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  • XS Scuba FogCutter Recon Knife
  • XS Scuba FogCutter Recon Knife
  • XS Scuba FogCutter Recon Knife
SKU: KN200

XS Scuba FogCutter Recon Knife

$120.00 Regular Price
$119.95Sale Price

FogCutter Recon Knife

This is the FogCutter used by Special Ops teams and First Responders around the world. The extra-long cutting edge, coupled with a spear point tip, adds to its functionality. This knife gets the job done when many others cannot.

  • The 6” (152 mm) blade terminates in a spear point tip

  • The Recon version has a black-oxide finish

  • The 420 stainless steel blade is hardened to hold the edge longer

  • Serrated edge along back of blade

  • A serrated pipe grip integrated into the handle is ideal for twisting stubborn items

  • A butt cap, with attachment hole, located on the back, provides a hammering function

  • Includes two 22” (560 mm) long rubber leg straps with quick release buckles

  • 11” overall length

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