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  • XS Scuba Apnos Mask
  • XS Scuba Apnos Mask
  • XS Scuba Apnos Mask
  • XS Scuba Apnos Mask

XS Scuba Apnos Mask

Out of Stock

Apnos Mask

Apnos, the Greek word meaning, “without breathing”, is our newest entry into the world of apnea diving. The Apnos has all the features that apnea divers are looking for.

  • The ultra-low volume delays the need to equalize pressure

  • The lenses are so close to your eyes that the peripheral view is absolutely amazing

  • Internal coupler keeps lenses true to the same plane

  • Patented soft-squeeze buckles are located on the skirt and longevity

  • Includes mask storage box

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