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  • Watershot PRO Housing for iPhone 7 (Limpet Shell) Flat Lens Port only
SKU: 1013042137

Watershot PRO Housing for iPhone 7 (Limpet Shell) Flat Lens Port only

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The Watershot iPhone 7 PRO is an exceptionally robust, professional Underwater Camera Housing for the iPhone 7. This is not a case. Housing features an Optical Quality Glass interchangeable – Flat Lens Port, optional Wide Angle Lens Port and Super Dome Port. An ergonomic right hand grip and a wrist lanyard affords improved handling and security in all water conditions. The Camera Housing features a prominent, robust and simple integrated metal mounting plate. This integrated mounting plate will accommodate the Watershot Accessory PRO Mount for utilizing endless Go-Pro mounting options, the Watershot Pistol Grip and the Watershot Lighting Tray. Depth Rated to 195ft/60m the iPhone is fully suspended within the Housing ensuring that the phone and screen are effectively shielded from abrasion, impact and external pressure.

  • Optical Grade Glass Lens Elements
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone® 7
  • Depth Rating: 195ft/60m
  • •5 Conductive Pressure Buttons, 1 Home button - optimize still & video functions
  • •Dimensions: L 6.7" x W 3.7" x D 2.0" (17cm x 9.4cm x 5.0cm) Weight: 0.8lbs.
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