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  • Light & Motion USB-C Dongle
  • Light & Motion USB-C Dongle
  • Light & Motion USB-C Dongle
  • Light & Motion USB-C Dongle
SKU: 800-0360-A

Light & Motion USB-C Dongle


Connect the dongle to any of our Stella or Sola FC 2L lights and connect it to any compatible USB-C Charging Cable for easy charging while traveling, allowing you to minimize the gear you pack. Dongle has built in firmware to manage charging to keep you safe. Charging cables must deliver 30 Watts and must comply with USB-C Power Delivery Specification v2.0 or later.The USB-C Power Delivery Specification requires USB-C power sources rated at 30 Watts and over have the capability of delivering 15VDC. This capability (15VDC output) is required in order to charge older SOLA/Stella 2-cell lights.Some power supplies (most notably older Apple 87W and 60W) do not comply with the USB-C standard and will not work with older generation SOLA/Stella 2-cell lights. New models of SOLA/Stella 2-cell lights allow charging at 20VDC and therefore will work with a larger set of these non-compliant power sources.When charging, a green light indicates the connected power supply is compatible with both newer and older SOLA lights. An amber light indicates it will only work with newer SOLA Lights. A red light indicates the connected power supply is not compatible.

SOLA Compatible Lights include:

  • Video Pro 3800
  • Video 3800
  • Video 2500 S/F
  • Dive 2500 S/F
  • Dive Pro 2000

Stella Compatible Lights include:

  • Stella CL 2000
  • Stella CL 1000/2500
  • Stella CL 1000/2500 UW

Tech Specs:

  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False
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