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  • Trident Lobster Squeeze Bag w/D Ring
  • Trident Lobster Squeeze Bag w/D Ring
  • Trident Lobster Squeeze Bag w/D Ring
  • Trident Lobster Squeeze Bag w/D Ring

Trident Lobster Squeeze Bag w/D Ring


Lobster Squeeze Bag w/D Ring

The Lobster Squeeze Bag is the easiest one-hand operated collection bag available, with one hand pull the lower handle towards the top handle and the bag instantly opens with a small amount of pressure, release the handle and the bag will spring to the closed position.

Bag is made of durable nylon upper for easy entry of spiny lobster, with a mesh bottom that will keep the "bugs" in the bag when you re-open it for the next lobster and drains rapidly once back on the boat or shore. Corrosion resistant hardware and handle mechanism for durability and long life make this one great collection bag for diving. Bag measures 20" x 28" (50.8cm x 71cm). Bag is available in multiple colors.


  • Easy One-Handed Squeeze Lobster Bag
  • Great Collection Bag
  • Durable Nylon and Mesh Construction
  • Mesh Bottom Keeps Lobsters from Getting Out and Drains Rapidly on Surface
  • Spring Loaded Handle Closes Automatically when Released
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware and Handle
  • Dimensions: 20 x 28 (50.8cm x 71cm)


Overall Measurements20 x 28 (50.8cm x 71cm)
ClosureSpring Loaded Squeeze Handle
MaterialUpper: Nylon, Bottom Mesh
TypeLobster Collection Bag
HandlesTop Grab Handle
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