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  • Trident Dive Flag Beach Mat
  • Trident Dive Flag Beach Mat
SKU: D800

Trident Dive Flag Beach Mat


Dive Flag Beach Mat

One of the necessary evils of scuba diving is the time spent gearing up for a dive, and the time spent gearing down when the dive is over. Add the Trident Step On Diver Changing And Gear Mat, 34 x 70 Inches to your kit and you’ll always have a dirt and sand -free spot to stand while getting into and out of your wetsuit, laying out your gear for inventory or cleaning, or simply to sit on.

Non-absorbent poly fibers are woven in a dive flag design, ensuring this mat will not hold moisture and is easy to clean. Simply hose off or dip in water to rinse, then give it a good shake to get rid of any clinging droplets. If indoors, hang to dry in a shower or tub enclosure.

Edges are bound with 1.125 inch wide nylon webbing that’s sewn on for a secure seal. A length of the same webbing is sewn on at one end for use as a carrying handle.

Two permanently attached, 1.25 inch wide elastic loops quickly and easily wrap around the ends of the rolled mat for compact storage and carrying.

34 x 70 inches.

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