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  • Suunto Zoop Novo CB-2 Console Dive Computer
  • Suunto Zoop Novo CB-2 Console Dive Computer
  • Suunto Zoop Novo CB-2 Console Dive Computer
SKU: SS022219000

Suunto Zoop Novo CB-2 Console Dive Computer

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Dive safely without breaking the bank with the suunto zoop novo dive computer console. Including a submersible spg, this computer console provides all the features of the wrist-mounted zoop novo, in the convenience of a dive console. The suunto zoop novo dive computer console has all the features and controls of the wrist-mounted zoop novo, paired with a submersible pressure gauge. This diveputer console places all of your crucial scuba diving instruments in one easy-to-read location. Choose from either a black computer, or add a pop of color with the lime edition. Using suunto's reduced gradient bubble model (rgbm) you receive accurate decompression information. Four different dive modes support a range of diving activities, including air, nitrox, gauge, and freediving. .The included dm5 software connects to your pc or mac once you're back above water, and makes it easy to access detailed dive data and graphical logs. Available in lime or black suunto rgbm continuous decompression algorithm allows for safer ascents easily adjust for different breathing gases with air, nitrox, gauge, and freedive modes integrated apnea timer for freediving activities timer available for air and nitrox modes firmware can be updated, ensuring accuracy built-in dive planner makes it easier to schedule decompression times backlit display is easy to read in all conditions suunto dm5 software displays detailed graphical logs and dive data dm5 capatible with pc or mac, requires accessory cable (sold separately).

  • Backlit display and enlarged segment / matrix screen
  • Excellent contrast and information with bigger and clear digits (depth, no dec etc.)
  • 4 buttons to enable a more intuative/ easier user interface
  • Same as for D-series (easier to move into other Suunto devices)
  • Battery housing reliability improved
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