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  • Light & Motion SOLA Locline Mount Kit
SKU: 800-0185-B

Light & Motion SOLA Locline Mount Kit



Sola lights, compact and reliable, are the choice for underwater photo and video shooters. This mounting kit allow users who prefer the ease-of-movement of flexible 1/2" Loc-Line arms to secure the light without worry.

  • For use with standard 1/2 Loc-Line arms that provide the right balance of stability and compact design with lightweight Sola lights
  • Secure mounting to the base of Sola dive and imaging lights with innovative rail attachment design
  • If using thicker 3/4" Loc-Line, 3/4" to 1/2" Loc-Line adapter is required (sold separately)
  • Includes set screw and allen key for easy mounting

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