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  • Light & Motion SOLA 15K Body Module
  • Light & Motion SOLA 15K Body Module
  • Light & Motion SOLA 15K Body Module
SKU: 800-0361-A

Light & Motion SOLA 15K Body Module

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The quickest way to replace battery packs on Sola Video Pro lights (6L) when external power for recharging is unavailable such as multiple boat dives and remote expeditions. This body module is identical to the one supplied with the light including the rear LCD screen and charging interface. Sola reliability is maintained compared to traditional external batteries as the internals are still sealed (only a small o-ring at the connection point needs standard maintenance).

  • Body can be swapped onto a Sola Pro lighthead in seconds
  • Factory Sealed batteries protect the internals of the light
  • Fast charge works with Sola Pro's 24V power supply
  • Runtime remains identical to factory body
  • Water resistant IP68 (100m) rating when lighthead is attached
  • Includes: Ball Mount, optional imaging mounts available
  • Please note battery pack cannot be swapped out underwater - on the surface only
  • Beam Angle: 115° (flood)
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False
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