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The Scuba Direct logo, featuring a distinct design that represents the brand. The logo may consist of stylized typography, symbols, or a combination of both, visually representing the identity and recognition of Scuba Direct. It serves as a visual representation of the brand across various platforms, reinforcing its presence and fostering brand awareness
  • Silva Forecaster 610 Promotional Compass
  • Silva Forecaster 610 Promotional Compass
SKU: 1007410450

Silva Forecaster 610 Promotional Compass

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An accurate easy-to-read compass/thermometer combo. Features 15 graduations, a fixed liquid-filled capsule, non-magnetic brass split ring, thermometer, and wind chill chart imprint on the back. Compass measures 2.5625" x 1.6" and weighs 0.5 oz.

  • Thermometer reads °F & °C
  • Wind chill chart imprint on back
  • Liquid-filled capsule
  • Non-magnetic brass ring
  • 15° graduations
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