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  • SeaLife Gear Retractor
SKU: SL925

SeaLife Gear Retractor

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SeaLife Gear Retractor

The SeaLife Gear Retractor is perfect for compact cameras up to the size of Micro 3.0 and small compact lights like the Sea Dragon Mini 900 or 1300. The retractor offers a quick-release clip feature that lets you remove quickly from the attached device, extends 32” (81cm) and has a 9oz. (255g) retraction force. The retracting cord has a 60lb. (27.2kg) breaking strength. The retraction system is self-flushing; the only maintenance needed is a thorough washing in fresh water.

The top of the retractor has a large 1” BC clip to attach to your BC, belt or vest.

1 Year Limited Warranty:1 Year


Perfect for SeaLife Micro & ReefMaster series cameras, Sea Dragon Mini dive lightsand other compact underwater camera or dive lights

Saltwater proof

Spectra / nylon linewith 60Lbs (27Kg) breaking strength

Stainless steel springand hardware

Quick-connect 3” Spectra / nylon lanyardwon’t scratch camera or light

1” heavy duty snap clipmounts securely connects to your BCD D-ring

Self-flushing systemkeeps internal mechanics clean

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