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  • SeaLife 1/4-20 Adapter for GoPro Camera
  • SeaLife 1/4-20 Adapter for GoPro Camera
  • SeaLife 1/4-20 Adapter for GoPro Camera
SKU: SL9817

SeaLife 1/4-20 Adapter for GoPro Camera

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1/4-20 Adapter for GoPro Camera

The GoPro adapter adds a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount to your GoPro camera, allow for quick and easy mounting to underwater lighting and other accessories. For even more versatility, the included 1/4-20 stud allows easy attachment to camera bases, as well as to the base of accessories like the AquaPod (SKU's: SLFSL912, SLFAM) and Flex-Connect Handle (see SKU: SLFFCH). Attaches using the thumb knob and bolt from your original camera mount. An acorn nut is included, and the adapter is made from non-corrosive plastic and stainless steel.


  • Adds Standard 1/4-20 Tripod Mount to GoPro Camera
  • Allows Quick & Easy Mounting to U/W Lighting & Accessories
  • Great Uses:
    SeaLife AquaPod (SKU's: SLFSL912, SLFAM)
    SeaLife Flex-Connect Handle (see SKU: SLFFCH)
  • Included 1/4-20 Stud Allows Easy Attachment to Camera Bases
  • Acorn Nut is Included
  • Construction: Non-Corrosive Plastic and Stainless Steel
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