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The Scuba Direct logo, featuring a distinct design that represents the brand. The logo may consist of stylized typography, symbols, or a combination of both, visually representing the identity and recognition of Scuba Direct. It serves as a visual representation of the brand across various platforms, reinforcing its presence and fostering brand awareness
  • SEAC Adult Silicone Swim Cap
SKU: 1005602260

SEAC Adult Silicone Swim Cap

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The SEAC Silicone swim cap is ideal for racing and fitness training swimmers. The 100% Silicone cap, more durable than Latex, is tear resistant and has a non-slip interior that makes it quick and easy to get on and off without snagging or pulling your hair. Fits adults.

  • Adult size, soft and durable silicone swim cap; hydrodynamic design to reduce drag
  • 100% silicone for extra comfort; easy to fit with non-slip interior
  • Non-allergenic, durable cap resists snagging and tearing
  • Quick and easy to take off; keeps hair dry, protected and snag free
  • Retains color for long lasting wear in racing and recreational swimming
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