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The Scuba Direct logo, featuring a distinct design that represents the brand. The logo may consist of stylized typography, symbols, or a combination of both, visually representing the identity and recognition of Scuba Direct. It serves as a visual representation of the brand across various platforms, reinforcing its presence and fostering brand awareness
  • Oceanic SP5 First Stage
  • Oceanic SP5 First Stage
  • Oceanic SP5 First Stage
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Oceanic SP5 First Stage

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SP5 First Stage

Stage offers all divers the opportunity to own a top-performing regulator at an unbeatable price. Repeatedly rated as the best in its class, the Alpha SP-5 exceeds both Navy Class A and European CE standards. The Alpha SP-5 may have been the first regulator you ever used due to its widespread use in rental and resort operations. The SP-5 is a non-balanced flow-by piston designed regulator this simple yet fail-safe design will deliver air even if there is a first stage failure.


  • Primary Material: MARINE BRASS
  • Low Pressure Ports: 4
  • High Pressure Ports: 1
  • Integrated Swivel
  • Nitrox Compatibility: STANDARD TO 40%
  • 300 BAR DIN Fitting: OPTIONAL
  • Sealed Valve Design
  • Environmental Protection
  • Weight: 26 OUNCES
  • Factory Set Intermediate Pressure: 140-145 PSI
  • Pressure Drop: 13 PSI
  • Warranty: 2 YEAR
  • Limited Lifetime Service Agreement: YES
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: YES
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