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  • Mares Volo Power Open Heel Fins
  • Mares Volo Power Open Heel Fins
SKU: 410008SAS BK

Mares Volo Power Open Heel Fins


Mares Volo Power Open Heel Fins

Designed to be 30% more efficient than the traditional fins, this fin is a gigantic leap in the fin technology. Not only is it revolutionary but it is also covered by 8 different patents. It is a perect companion for those kinds of divers who wants the very best of power and efficiency in one fin. Commonly used for recreation, SCUBA, Snorkeling, Travel among many others, it is mostly used by customers who consider themsleves to be advanced, advanced diver, beginner among many others, and is popular among them because of the following qualities - comfortable, efficient, lightweight - and is the perfect combination of comfort and power for recreational divers and snorkelers. It is available in four colors and in three sizes and has a two year limited warranty.

High performance with minimal exertion, comfort and light weight. The anatomic foot pocket features interior ribs that improve fit, eliminate foot suction and prevent foot pocket flexing which transmitting more power to the blade. Ideal for women, kids and all divers who want the easiest kicking fin in the market.


  • OPB system for greater efficiency
  • Channel thrust technology
  • ABS Plus buckles
  • Lightweight, easy and efficient
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