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  • Mares Trilastic Dive Boots
  • Mares Trilastic Dive Boots
  • Mares Trilastic Dive Boots
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Mares Trilastic Dive Boots

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Trilastic Dive Boots

The Mares 5mm Trilastic Dive Boots feature robust temperate construction. The beefy built boots offer reliable service. These boots come with hard, yet comfortable sole that ensures maximum power transmission and highest control during finning. Neoprene ankle area has super-elastic construction for maximum adherence and warmth. Nylon II heavy-duty neoprene boots have sure-grip hard rubber sole, vulcanized rubber reinforced heel and front, and a strap lug for the stability of fin straps. Durable and strong zipper entry is perfect for doffing and donning. Zipper dam stops water seepage using slide fastener. Glued and stitched seams add to the durability and strength of Mares 5mm Trilastic Dive Boots.

Technical Specs:

  • 5mm Mares Trilastic Dive Boots
  • Dive Boot Robust Design
  • Hard, yet Comfortable Sole for Greatest Power Transmission towards Finning & Highest Control
  • Trilastic Neoprene Super-Elastic Ankle Area
  • Nylon II Durable Neoprene Design
  • Sure Grip Hard Rubber Sole
  • Vulcanized Rubber Reinforced Heel & Front
  • Fins Strap Lug for Stability of Fin Straps
  • Durable & Strong Zipper Entry
  • Zipper Dam Stops Water Seepage
  • Glued & Stitched Seams Add to Durability and Strength
  • Sewn & Taped Edge of Boot Top
Size Chart *BOOTIES are Sized in US Mens Sizing
*Men's US56789101112131415
Women's US678910111213XXXXXX
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