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  • Koah Standard Fatback
  • Koah Standard Fatback
  • Koah Standard Fatback
  • Koah Standard Fatback
  • Koah Standard Fatback
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Koah Standard Fatback

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​The backbone of KOAH Spearguns, the Fatback was built to be your go-to gun in any environment.

  • Solid weight ballasted/balanced, trimmed down and rounded in the middle for easy tracking and comfortable grip.
  • Channels were removed in the top of the gun to give better line of sight by keeping the bands away from the shaft.
  • The muzzle has individual band holes for each band to bring ease to band changes.
  • The new Rock Grip Koah handle has a comfortable ergonomic grip with aggressive rock grip pattern to keep your hand locked in place when shooting.
  • The molded rubber gun butt with grip pattern back makes hip loading as easy as possible.
  • The gun is equally thick at the front and rear of the gun so adding spare shaft/holder isn't a problem

The KOAH Fatback will deliver the optimum balance of mobility, power, tracking and accuracy while minimizing recoil every time you fire.

Standard Equipment

  • Laminated Teak stock
  • Poured Glass filled epoxy enclosed track
  • (3) 5/8 Bands 24-28in
  • Double Wrap #300 mono
  • Solid Lead ballasted 8mm or 5/16 shaft


  • RSC 60M REEL- 180
  • Ultimate Sliptip - 95
  • Quickslide line mod -45
  • GoPro Mount - 15
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