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The Scuba Direct logo, featuring a distinct design that represents the brand. The logo may consist of stylized typography, symbols, or a combination of both, visually representing the identity and recognition of Scuba Direct. It serves as a visual representation of the brand across various platforms, reinforcing its presence and fostering brand awareness
  • Hollis LX2 12lb Weight System
SKU: 208.0027

Hollis LX2 12lb Weight System

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LX2 12lb Weight System

The Hollis LX2 12lb Weight System uses a simple pinch and pull buckle, with large nylon handle on the pouch to ditch or carry the weights. The insert pouch uses zippered closure and holds 12 pounds each, The inserts are partitioned to help isolate the weights and keep them from sliding back and forth while diving. The Hollis LX2 12lb Weight System is also reverse compatible to allow use with older Hollis backplates and harnesses.


  • 12lb Capacity per side
  • Reverse Compatible
  • Partitioned Insert pouches
  • New ease of use design
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