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  • Hollis LP Hose
  • Hollis LP Hose
SKU: 204.2382.022

Hollis LP Hose

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You have a Hollis Regulator and want the right length hose for your needs. Hollis has you covered with 6-different hose lengths of 22" (55.9cm), 30" (76.2cm), 36" (91.4cm), 40" (101.6cm), 60" (152.4cm) and 84" 213.4 cm). The 36" (91.4cm) is also available in yellow for use with an octopus regulator. Need a short hose for a safety-stop or stage bottle? Maybe your primary regulator hose seems too short or too long, Hollis has the hose you need.

The Hollis Low Pressure (LP) Hose is a durable braided with rubber jacket hose design. Hose has corrosion resistant chrome plated brass fittings with a standard 3/8" male threaded end for attachment to your first stage regulators LP port.

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