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  • Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit
SKU: 240.1700

Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit

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The Hollis Deluxe Stage Kit is designed for setting-up a stage bottle for decompression or safety stops. Deluxe Stage Bottle Kit is available for either AL40 or 80 cubic foot cylinders. The Kit includes all required hardware to securely rig your stage or deco bottles for technical diving.

The preassembled kit contains a stainless-steel cylinder clamp with nylon cover to prevent abrasion of the cylinder finish, two HD EPDM hose retainers to keep the system streamlined to prevent snagging in ascent line rigging, two 3.5" (8.9 cm) stainless-steel swiveling spring loaded bolt snaps attached to a braided nylon line that allows kit to be cut away in an emergency and a rubber cover for nylon line for easier carry of bottles to and from dive site.

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