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  • Hollis Crotch Strap
SKU: 208.1025

Hollis Crotch Strap

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Do you find your cylinder system riding-up and banging into the back of your head? This can be annoying and possible dangerous. Yet, there is an easy fix for this problem. Adding a crotch strap to your back plate and harness set-up can not only eliminate the problem, but give you increased stability when diving. The Hollis Crotch Strap is easy to install on your back pack or back plate assembly. Crotch strap has slide release buckles and a side-release squeeze-style quick-release buckle made from impact resistant plastic for rigging.

An added-bonus the completely adjustable strap comes equipped with a steel scooter ring for use with diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs). The ring is also a convenient place to temporarily clip-off an item to free your hands, such as a lobster snare or camera. Depending on your needs the Hollis Crotch Strap is available in 3 widths of 1", 1.5" or 2" (2.5, 3.8 or 5 cm) nylon webbing.

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