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  • Hollis Backplate Back Pad 2.0
  • Hollis Backplate Back Pad 2.0
SKU: 208.1267

Hollis Backplate Back Pad 2.0

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Backplate Back Pad 2.0

Being a technical diver does not mean you have to uncomfortable when you are diving. Add some cushion and comfortable support to your back plate with this Hollis Back Plate Back Pad. The Hollis Backplate Back Pad 2.0 is a comfortable two-piece design with added lumbar support, which easily pivots out of the way of your doubles tank bolts and cam bands when assembly or disassembly as needed. Sold as an accessory but also included with Hollis new Technical Harness systems. Note: Is not compatible with previous generation Hollis's back plates. Pad is constructed of sturdy and durable nylon and foam with sewn edge tape making your dive a more comfortable experience.


  • Compatible w/Hollis Back-Plates (see SKU's: HLSABP2, HLSSBP2)
  • Increased Dive Comfort
  • Comfortable Two-Piece Design
  • Added Lumbar Support
  • Easily Pivots Out of Way of Doubles Tank Bolts & Cam Bands
  • Pivot Feature: Great for Assembly or Disassembly-As-Needed
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Durable Long-Lasting Construction
  • Nylon w/Foam Padding
  • Sewn & Taped Edges for Added Strength
  • Note: Not Compatible w/Previous Generation Hollis's Back Plates
  • Sold-As-Accessory: Also Included w/Hollis New Technical Harness Systems
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