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  • Highland Delrin Speed Nuts
SKU: HL407

Highland Delrin Speed Nuts


Upgrade your wing nuts on your back-plate with these corrosion free Delrin Speed Nuts. Nuts are precision machined from durable Delrin material and help prevent stainless-steel to stainless-steel galling. They are a strong, durable alternative to the traditional wing nuts.


  • Strong, durable alternative to traditional wingnuts
  • Knurled gripping surface for easier disassembly

Available in four sizes:

  • 3/8” - fits Highland bands hardware SB725 (p/n HL407)
  • 5/16” - fits Highland bands hardware SB800 & SB803 (p/n HL408)
  • M8 x 1,25
  • M8 x 1,5
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