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  • Henderson Greenprene 3MM Fullsuit Women's Wetsuit
  • Henderson Greenprene 3MM Fullsuit Women's Wetsuit
SKU: GP830WB-01-4

Henderson Greenprene 3MM Fullsuit Women's Wetsuit

$499.95 Regular Price
$428.95Sale Price


Greenprene®is a sustainable, insanely warm, super stretchy, ultra-durable insulating foam that provides excellent UV resistance. Greenprene®is also significantly lighter in weight than traditional neoprene materials. Greenprene®is 100% neoprene free sustainable insulating foam. It has been tested and is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio Preferred®program as a USDA Biobased product.

Greenprene®is formulated from deproteinized natural insulating foam along with other natural additives such as sugar cane, plant oils and oyster shells. The result is a sustainable Bio Based insulating foam that is ultra-soft, stretchy, durable and light weight. Greenprene®wetsuits will allow you to move freely without restriction while keeping you warm and comfortable in the most demanding conditions.



The recycled AQUA-SILK™ exterior fabric laminate is manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its durability, abrasion and Velcro®resistance as well as its fast drying properties. The fabric is made from (88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex), which has been tested AZO-free and Oeko-tex certified.


The recycled BIO-SPAN™ fabric laminate is manufactured from recycled water bottles. The fabric was tested and selected for its superior comfort, warmth and ridiculous stretch. There is simply nothing else like it in the water today. The fabric is made from (88% recycled polyester and 12% Nylon), which has been tested AZO-free and is Oeko-tex certified.


The entire Greenprene®wetsuit program has been designed to provide a fully sustainable product lifecycle. Greenprene®wetsuits are packaged and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes. Each wetsuit is hand wrapped with recycled paper. Recycled cardboard cores are used to help prevent compression marks from folding and when in storage. All hangtags on the wetsuits are printed on recycled paper using soy based inks.


Allergic reactions from wetsuit use can be caused by a wide variety of materials that go into building a wetsuit and ultimately contacting your skin. Allergic reactions that are caused from Neoprene may not present themselves when using Greenprene®wetsuits, the only way to confirm this is to consult with your doctor and do a test.

Could Greenprene®be you answer you have been looking for?

Test to find out! Here’s how: contact your Henderson dealer or send an email to:info@hendersonusa.comto request a sample of Greenprene®. Henderson will provide a wrist cuff made from Greenprene®that under your physician’s guidance, can be worn on your wrist and arm. Your doctor can recommend and determine if Greenprene®may be a good solution to your allergy or sensitivity.

Greenprene®could very well be the answer you’ve been looking for!

WEIGHT:125-135 lbs.135-150 lbs.150-170 lbs.140-160 lbs.160-180 lbs.155-175 lbs.170-190 lbs.160-180 lbs.180-200 lbs.
WEIGHT:190-210 lbs.190-210 lbs.200-220 lbs.210-230 lbs.200-220 lbs.220-240 lbs.230-250 lbs.250-270 lbs.270-290 lbs.290-325 lbs.

Women’s Height Reference: S – 4’11”-5’4″ REG – 5’5″-5’8″ T – 5’9″-6′

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