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  • Halcyon Tech Gloves
  • Halcyon Tech Gloves
SKU: 42.030.000

Halcyon Tech Gloves

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Tech Gloves

Protect your hands while diving with Halcyon’s Tech Gloves. The Tech Gloves feature a pocket on top of the glove to insert 1-2 cookies (line markers) for temporary placement. The palm-side of the gloves include textured non-slip material to maintain grip and durability over time.


  • 2mm neoprene gloves made from recycled materials
  • Pocket on top of hand to place markers
  • Fingerless gloves for ease of dexterity
  • Packaged in hanging kraft-material boxes made from recycled materials


PALM SIZE6.5-7 CM7.5 CM8 CM9 CM9.5 CM10 CM

*The Halcyon Tech Gloves run Small. Try on or measure palm size to ensure proper fit.

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