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  • Halcyon Diver's Alert Marker 3.3ft - Oral Inflate
  • Halcyon Diver's Alert Marker 3.3ft - Oral Inflate
SKU: 14.030.005

Halcyon Diver's Alert Marker 3.3ft - Oral Inflate


Halcyon Divers Alert Marker 3.3′ Oral Inflate Only. Halcyon life support markers and lift devices are an essential part of any diver’s equipment. Whether relaying your position to a topside crew or indicating separation from a dive buddy and/or boat, our range of high-quality surface markers are a crucial addition to your diving equipment. Halcyon lift devices offer redundant lift for safety or salvage; the Halcyon life raft and/or surf shuttle provide valuable support during offshore diving excursions.


  • 200 denier nylon
  • Lifetime Warranty on welded seams
  • Closed-circuit, semi-closed, and open-bottom designs
  • Patented No-Lock® connector for closed-circuit devices; oral inflate or LP hose connection
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