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  • Fourth Element Hotfoot Drysuit Socks
  • Fourth Element Hotfoot Drysuit Socks
  • Fourth Element Hotfoot Drysuit Socks

Fourth Element Hotfoot Drysuit Socks

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A double layer of high insulation materials ensure that Hotfoot socks provide maximum thermal protection for the feet – one of the first parts of the body to feel the cold during a dive. High density fleece combined with water resistant outer fabric creates a comfortable, dry and warm microclimate for the feet. Designed to fit the feet, these socks will stay on when taking off your drysuit, unlike some other drysuit socks. Featuring our unique thermocline fabric made using ECONYL® recycled nylon, these socks are not only excellent thermal protection, but they are also part of our commitment to building a more sustainable product and company.


  • Double layer protection
  • Double layer thermal protection
  • Designed to fit the feet and stay on when removing boots
  • Water-resistant outer
  • Made using recycled nylon

Please refer to our size charts to ensure the best fit for you.

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