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  • SeaLife 8″ Rigid Ball Arm
  • SeaLife 8″ Rigid Ball Arm
  • SeaLife 8″ Rigid Ball Arm
SKU: SL9909

SeaLife 8″ Rigid Ball Arm

Out of Stock

8″ Rigid Ball Arm

The Flex-Connect 8″/20cm Rigid Ball Arm is ideal for supporting heavier photo-video lights/strobes or when diving in currents and locking the direction of the lighting is desired.

Use the rigid arm in combination with Flex-Connect Ball Clamp (SL9907) and Ball Joint Adapters (SL995 & SL999) to create 15.5” (40cm) arm extension. Use two ball arms to gain additional 9.5” (24cm) extension. The arm is made of black anodized aluminum for strength and durability.

Also available is a kit that includes one SL9909 Ball Arm, two SL9907 Ball Clamps, one SL995 Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapter and one SL999 Ball Joint Adapter for Flex-Connect.

What's Included

  • 1x Flex-Connect 8″/20cm Rigid Ball Arm

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