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  • Cressi CPD3 SPG Console
  • Cressi CPD3 SPG Console
  • Cressi CPD3 SPG Console
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Cressi CPD3 SPG Console

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Console with three instruments: compass, depth gauge and pressure gauge.

Console of minimum sizethat houses a mini manometer, an analog depth gauge and a slightly inclined compass to optimize the reading.

  • Highly abrasion-resistantreinforced thermoplastic rubber case allows easy replacement of cleaning or maintenance tools.
  • Two small insertsfor attaching the console to the sling at the upper ends.
  • Metal-core depth gauge with membrane operation.
  • Very precise wide segmentation, especially for heights from 0 m to 12 m.
  • Chromatically luminescent dial divided into three zones: green (up to -20 m), blue (-20 m to -40 m) and red (-40 m to -70 m).
  • Maximum depth needle in red
  • Measurements: Ø 50 mm x height 24,5 mm
  • Manometer with very visible digits of large size.
  • Graduated spherefrom 0 to 350 bar in 10 bar segments.
  • Particularly wide and precise segmentation from 0 to 80 bar
  • Measurements: Ø 50 mm x height 17 mm


  • Robust and precise compass for underwater navigation that ensures accuracy and durability for a long time.
  • High brightness dial for easy reading even in low ambient light conditions.



  • Compass with rotating bezel for easy navigation
  • Pressure gauge dial is color-coded in red, green and blue for instant readability.
  • Reads pressures to 350 bar or 5000 psi.
  • Mini-depth gauge reads to 70 meters (230 feet)
  • Maximum depth indicator.
  • Compact rubber boot is textured for a sure grip.
  • Two connection loops, one on each side, for attaching a clip or bungee.
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