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  • Cressi Big Eyes Mask
SKU: DS262050

Cressi Big Eyes Mask

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Big Eyes Mask

The mask that completely revolutionized the sectorbecause it introduced new and exclusive principles that are likewise milestones.

For the first time in the world, the lenses are not parallel to the facebut are raked and shaped like an“inverted drop”, with a very unusual development, the geometry of which is covered by aworldwide patent. U.S. PAT.6272693 B1

The anatomically shapedframe is a very slim lineand is invisible when the mask is being worn. It provides all-round visibility, particularly downwards, reaching unheard ofvalues - in excess of 30% wider view over traditional masks, bringing dressing and equipment check to levels that were impossible until the arrival of Big Eyes.

The raked lenses and the subsequent conformation of the skirtdrastically reduce the internal volumeof the mask that is similar to skin-diving models.

The soft silicone skirt and the broad seal ring against the face make the mask very comfortable to wear.

Two revolving buckles guarantee quick and precise strap adjustment. An excellent mask for snorkeling and scuba diving.


  • Type: two lens mask
  • Versions: clear silicone
  • Materials: liquid silicone, hi-tech polymers
  • Strap buckles: revolving, instant adjustment
  • Internal volume: low
  • Dimensions of frame: 163 x 89 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
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