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  • Cressi Aluminum Hand Pole Spear - 6 ft (3 Pieces)
SKU: USX040000

Cressi Aluminum Hand Pole Spear - 6 ft (3 Pieces)

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Aluminum Hand Pole Spear - 6 ft (3 Pieces)

The Aluminum Pole Spear is the perfect solution for traveling hunters. Threaded lightweight sections break down to fit in a typical dive bag and can be quickly assembled once at the dive site. Included is a five-prongs “Lionfish Cluster” tip and high quality power band. Other tips are available as accessories, not included.
The three pieces modular design is made up of two equal lengths of 26 5/16 in (66.8 cm), and one 19 7/8 in (50.5 cm) sections. Includes one 5 prongs cluster (paralyzer tip) length 0.5 ft. The overall length is 6.5 ft (200 cm). The diameter of the pole is 16 mm - 5/8 in.

Technical Features:

  • Thick-walled Aluminum construction for durability
  • Threaded Joints quickly and securely
  • 5-prong Lionfish Cluster Tip Included
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