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  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
  • Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus
SKU: 14-0003-3P

Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus


Atomic Aquatics SS1 Scuba Diving Integrated BC Octopus


This isn’t your normal safe second/inflator combo. The SS1 is a fresh innovation on a longtime concept as Atomic engineered a new level of performance. While others prioritize the convenience, Atomic placed equal importance on superior materials, reliability and high-performance natural breathing. The SS1 fits virtually any BCD on the market today and actually breathes like a primary.


Divers have been using a combination Inflator/Regulator now for years. It’s a convenient and effective alternative to a dedicated octopus second stage. The biggest advantage of the SS1 design is the streamlined effect of eliminating a hose and not having a larger octopus to deal with. Another advantage is the high-performance design of the SS1 to breathe as easily as all other Atomic regulators and enable intuitive operation for buoyancy control. Other combination units on the market simply cannot match the design and performance of the SS1.


The SS1 is the highest quality and most reliable inflator/regulator available. Key components are machined of 316 Stainless Steel or Titanium for corrosion resistance and long service life. Featuring the patented Atomic Aquatics Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice, the SS1 provides an unparalleled 2-year / 300-dive service interval and a limited lifetime warranty. Large buttons make pneumatic or oral inflation/deflation easy. SS1 installs on most brands of BCs with a patented adapter system. A unique and convenient quick disconnect allows for easy removal from the BC for storage.


Since the SS1 breathes as easily as a primary, there is one important difference in air sharing with an SS1 over a standard octopus. The diver switches from their primary to breathing from the SS1, then offers the primary to their buddy. This is for two important reasons. Since the SS1 is attached to the shorter BC hose, it will not easily reach the out-of-air diver. And the SS1 diver can also keep buoyancy control and maintain control of the situation.


The sleek design of the SS1 combines two pieces of dive gear into one, reducing the overall bulk and weight of your dive system. The SS1 is only slightly larger than a standard BC inflator and has only one low-pressure hose from your first stage that feeds both the BC inflator and the back-up regulator. The SS1 has a low-profile elliptical design allowing it to lay flat on the BCD for streamlined performance.


Whether you pair the SS1 with an all-Titanium Atomic T3 primary or any other regulator, choose from Titanium or Stainless Steel SS1 models. Both deliver the highest breathing performance with outstanding corrosion-resistance.


One of the most unique features of the SS1 is its adapt-ability to almost any BC. Atomic designed adapters to fit virtually every popular BC brand available (and many that are not). The adapters also include components for at-taching the cable exhaust feature of your existing BC (if applicable).


The SS1 features a quick disconnect not only on the low-pressure hose, but the BCD hose as well. The adapters that fit the SS1 to the BCD are connected to the SS1 with a threaded collar that can be easily unscrewed to detach it completely from the BCD enabling you to carry or store the SS1 with your primary regulator and gauges.


The SS1 offers pneumatic or oral inflation for buoyancy control and back-up breathing in one small package. Large inflation and deflation buttons make it easy to use the SS1 during a dive. The SS1 is fixed to your BC and falls over the left shoulder. Since the location is fixed and it is constantly being used for inflation, a diver can locate it quickly if air sharing is required.


  • Patented Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability.
  • Titanium lever is the link to your air supply and will never fail due to rust or corrosion.
  • The SS1 is compatible for EAN mixtures up to 50% Oxygen.
  • Integrated flexible purge cover allows purge of the regulator when depressed anywhere on the cover surface.
  • High-flow LP hose & disconnect is interchangeable with many other models yet smaller size and lighter in weight.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of BC hoses and sizes. The SS1 can be fitted to virtually any make or model BC. (US Patent No. 6,761,163)
  • BC Quick-Disconnect system gives you the option to remove the SS1 from the jacket for transport with your regulator system or use on another BC.
  • Large oversized and ergonomically-shaped buttons are easy to find for pneumatic or oral inflation/deflation. They are easy to distinguish and faced with soft tactile rubber surfaces.
  • Low-profile elliptical design allows the body of the SS1 to lie flat against the BC keeping it out of the way and reducing drag.


The Atomic Aquatics SS1 features our exclusive 2-Year / 300 Dive Service Interval and Limited Lifetime Warranty that is not contingent on proof of service.

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