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  • Atomic Aquatics Open Heel Fins Spring Straps (pair)
SKU: 05-0025-3P

Atomic Aquatics Open Heel Fins Spring Straps (pair)


Putting on your fins can be one of the hardest parts of getting in the water. The Spring Straps from Atomic are comfortable and practical straps designed for use on any Atomic Aquatics open heel fin including the popular SplitFin Smoke on the Water fin.


  • Allows divers to easily put fins on and off
  • "Variable pitch" of the stainless steel spring allow the spring to stretch more easily for a more comfortable fit
  • Large tabs makes them easy to grasp and pull
  • Patented quick release buckle system permitting simple, one handed removal or attachment
  • Can be re-sized to different lengths
  • Includes 2 Spring Straps (pair)
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