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  • Adventus Orion 700s mini

Adventus Orion 700s mini


Orion 700s mini

The Orion700s mini is a practical and convenient dive spot light. It is submersible to 330 feet (100m), and is made of anodized aluminum making it extremely durable. The light produces a 18 degree beam angle bright white beam (700 Lumens), and features a convenient push button for power and a power indicator. The light has a unique feature warning the user of low battery (< 15%) by flashes red on the power indicator. You can use it to look under ledges and to restore natural color underwater. The light is also perfect for night dives or as a back-up for cave and other overhead environments. The light is a perfect light source for underwater and on-land applications.

Orion700s mini Package include:

  • Light
  • One 2200 mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery
  • One Smart Charger
  • One USB Charging Cable
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Clamshell Case
DescriptionMini Underwater Spot Light
Maximum Output700 Lumens
Beam Angle18 Degree Spot Light with 80 Degree Flood Beam
MaterialAreo Grade Aluminum Alloy
FinishingType II Anodizing
BatteryOne 18650 Lithium-magnesium Battery (2200 mAh or higher)
Burn Time80 Minutes (at 100% Power with 2200mAH 18650 Battery)
LED Life Span50,000 Hours
Color Temperature 5,300 - 5,600K

Operation Modes

1. 100% Power

2. 50% Power

3. 25% Power

4. Flashing Mode

5. SOS Mode

Power Indicator

1. Green (100% - 60% Power)

2. Yellow (60% - 30% Power)

3. Red (30% - 15% Power)

4. Flash Red (15% - 1% Power)

Dimension30mm x 140mm
Weight105g (Without Battery)
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